Based in Canada, MassedHead is a full service branding and marketing communications company, specializing in high-end 100% custom tailored image and identity development of logos, heraldry and visual applications, tailored toward the community and artform of Scottish and Celtic piping and drumming, pipe bands and service related companies across the globe.

With four corner stone disciplines of,: Targeted Percussion Design, High-end Identity Applications, Strategic Marketing and Customized Digital Applications and Fabrication.

These include executing final design solutions that offer a range of product services from: utilizing emulsion and sublimation technology for drum heads, metal casting and 3-D printing for medallions and cap badges, embroidery for pipe bags, band gear, garments – both formal uniform dress and casual wear, and exclusive collateral, advertising print, publishing, and music CD’s.

Affiliated with industry leaders in music percussion manufacturing, sports apparel, and international Celtic suppliers,
MassedHead provides the best possible results possible with new technolgy and seasoned experience.

No matter what your need, a cohesive approach is applied through a discipline of research, design and production, that garners the appropriate application and product, by a process that is all aimed at increasing profile and building awareness towards ‘commanding attention’ for each and every client.

Our motto: “Raise your colours, …heads above all the others”.