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Full service pipe band branding and superior percussion design

What is a pipe band’s recognition, perception and retention really worth?

Like any business with employees, products and it’s customers, or favourite sports teams with their players and fans, pipe bands in fact, are not too much different. So too does your membership and supporters participate jointly in a very similar manner. Whatever the case may be, it demands a profound need to look consistently professional, while reinforcing a distinctive and unique identity, then when communicated clearly, continually builds profile and hopefully recognition over time.

With careful thoughtful planning and management, a band’s executive can address the importance of investing in itself and it’s image, an asset really worth protecting, to help visibly capture competitive awareness,secure further recruitment and garner greater public perception.

Simply, it’s all about recognizing two key words…. “commanding attention”, integral for brandishing any strategic profile with focused means and meaning. There’s more to it than merely putting a fat sticker on a drum…like once before. Every pipe band is different with an unique character and culture, as no two bands are the same. MassedHead can help make your mark!

With over 30 years in marketing, corporate communications and advertising, we meld our vast experience and knowledge uniquely into the celtic pipe band world. Whether your band is competitive, service or community based, the primary objectives all remain the same…To always deliver the best product with the best methods, while striving to convey your band as being highly distinctive, visibly noticed, sound great and be top of mind.

We use an approval process that applies strategic thinking, research,idea feedback for dialogue, all aimed to arrive at a fully customized design solution uniquely tailored to fit your organization’s personality and needs. Whether you are a young start-up, or considering to re-position your existing band, or addressing a short or long term historical milestone, we can make it work. Our customers – whether pipe bands, Celtic groups or companies from all over the world – are now proving that to be so.

Is it affordable? Absolutely! It’s “pipe band” after all…and worth it! Give us a shout….and begin commanding attention.

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With over 30 years in marketing, corporate communications, advertising and design we uniquely deliver this vast experience and knowledge into the Celtic community – where pipe bands, Celtic based groups and/or companies from all over the world are now recognizing the value in working with MassedHead!


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Brand Builder, Band Member, Bass & Tenor Player

Doug often travels and competes in Canada, the U.S. and Scotland where he also meets with many international clients and his regional representatives.